Eyeleve by Bruder

Eyeleve by Bruder


THE Eyeleve™ CONTACT LENS COMPRESS contains patented MediBeads® that deliver clean, moist heat the most penetrating type of heat. The beads retain moisture naturally, releasing it when warmed in the microwave. They will not break down, even when washed.

EXTENDED WARMTH PROMOTES NATURAL LUBRICATION. The compress maintains heat at a temperature that helps liquify clogged meibomian glands naturally hydrating and stabilizing eyes surface.

EyeOnic™ ANTI-MICROBIAL FABRIC helps repel bacteria and keep the compress clean. Hygiene is essential to eye health when you wear contact lenses, and Eyeleve™ can help reduce the risk of corneal infection.

PATENTED ERGONOMIC TWO-POD DESIGN includes an adjustable nose piece designed for all facial types, while the comfort stitch helps take pressure off eyes.

WASHABLE AND REUSABLE. Simply wash and let dry. It doesn’t lose its effectiveness even after repeated washings.

Additional information

Weight .35 lbs
Dimensions 1.25 × 8.25 × 4 in